Trina Stott

Starting with a bunch of string hanging from the Bat, Boho Bat evolved gradually revealing a freeform style of Macrame that allows the piece to be balanced. The hanging hoop is representative of the cricket ball. Using soft Australian cotton and different macramé knots I’ve been able mash together boho and cricket, two things that may never cross paths again!

Artists Biography:

Under the online profile of One Wise Wombat, I am able to express the creative side to my “jack of all trades, master of none” approach to life. Always keen to have a go at most forms of art and craft I am happiest when I’m able to use my hands to create something from nothing. I currently spend my weeks renovating second hand furniture so they can be loved once again. When I’m not painting, I do macramé. My hands are always busy and macramé is my way to relax. The knots take on a life of their own and I never know how a piece is going to evolve. Being able to use beautiful Australian cotton is important as I’m a big believer in supporting local business. I’m lucky to be able to teach others macramé and pass on the knowledge and love of working with your hands.

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