Tim Rushby Smith

My current work is focussed on the Cabbage Tree palms (Livistona australis) that can be found in paddocks across the region, standing as markers indicating areas originally covered by rainforest. Once the timber cutters had taken the valuable red cedar from the region, the remaining forest was cleared to create rich grazing for the cattle and dairy industry. It is unclear why so many of the cabbage trees were left behind in the landscape; whether it was because they had no value as timber, or to maintain the landscape’s ‘tropical feel’, the aesthetic so prized in the Victorian era. I choose to silhouette the trees in order to free them from the landscape that makes them so incongruous.

The use of the cricket bat as a canvas takes this most iconic sporting item out of the oval and into the gallery, where they too have an incongruity that allows us to look at them through different eyes.

Artists Biography:

Tim Rushby-Smith studied at Chelsea School of Art and has exhibited regularly in the UK and Australia since 1997. Away from the brushes, Tim is a journalist and author.
He currently lives in Gerringong with his family, having moved from London in 2013.

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