Samantha Stralendorff

When creating images, colour, texture and connection to the wild is what I search for. I aim to create images I’d like to touch, the idea of connection, what is beyond touching. Squids are fascinating, charismatic, and playful creatures. They are incredible escape artists and if held in captivity, require ‘games’ to keep them entertained. They are known to slip out of tiny holes and return to the wild.

Artists Biography:

From a tree change to a sea change, Samantha Van Stralendorff is newly ‘Illawarra- rised’ artist and photographer. After five years of studying Fine Arts majoring in Photography, she turned her efforts towards fundraising on behalf of a variety of non-profit organisations such as Amnesty International and Greenpeace. To fulfil her goal of making the world a better place and enjoying the peace we enjoy in Australia, she studied teaching and tutored children of all abilities before creating her own family. She currently teaches photography in Sydney and face paints at parties and events.


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