Robyn Sharp

There is an alchemy involved with the spin bowler. A kind of magician’s prestidigitation. Watch the other hand; take no notice of this impossible anti- gravity, Einsteinian bit of relativity which makes the ball do things that no spherical leather object could possibly do. I try to hint at this special magic in my image- the best spinners fool the best bats and batting persons time and again.

Artists Biography:

Since graduating from the National Art School in the ’70’s, I have taught art in both public and private schools in Sydney and California. I have exhibited in numerous galleries in Sydney, the South coast, California, Toronto and London. I greatly enjoy many different styles and mediums to create art in all forms, painting, drawing and sculpture and I’m inspired by the beauty I see around me, living in such a special part of the world, Foxground. I focused on life drawing/painting and sculpture for many years but now enjoy all artistic endeavours. I was recently a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize, and I show with the Sculptors Society of Australia.

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