Nicole Grimm Hewitt

The beach is a place of constant change and never-ending beauty. Never still, It reinvents its shoreline numerous times. It’s oceans are full of life and the shoreline is home to many amazing creatures. It is a place of limitless joy and the main source of inspiration behind many of my paintings. I chose to paint my cricket bat with a scene that evokes fun and frivolity, and hope it brings many years of happiness to its new owner.

Artists Biography:

Born in Melbourne in 1967, I moved to the South Coast of NSW when I was 9 years old. In 1990 I started a career in Graphic Design, working in a design studio, commercial printery and a cycling magazine company. In 2017 I moved to a seaside property in Bermagui on the NSW Saphire Coast, the perfect location for my new studio, with an abundance of inspiration.

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