Mikayla Stott

I’ve started by painting the entire bat with white gesso. Using just black ink, I’ve stayed with clean lines and decided not to use colour, leaving little room for mistakes. Dinosaur skulls, mushrooms and ferns combine to make for something that’s a little strange, but painting on a cricket bat is also a little strange!

Artists Biography:

Having a love of art from a very young age, I’ve only just started to show my art to the world. Feeling most comfortable using ink and water colours, I’ve been lucky enough to sell a small number of my completed works. Thank you to Kathryn at Beachside Emporium for your encouragement and belief in my work. With my secondary schooling now finished, I’ll be continuing my art study at Wollongong University. I’m keen to continue building on my knowledge of digital art with hopes that it will lead to a career doing something that I love.

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