Magdalena Pillai

In this piece I would like to acknowledge the original ancestors of this land. I have painted this piece from my inner world. I mean no offence to anyone if my work resembles Indigenous art .The intention of this work is about the unity and interconnection of all beings. This piece is an offering for the well-being and acceptance of diversity and difference. With the understanding that we can’t live without one another.

Artists Biography:

I am Magdalena Pillai and I create and design silver and mixed metal jewellery under the name of Vspora Art. I also create in various visual art mediums. My silver journey relates to this story as my early years were spent constantly visiting my favourite jewellery Artist at our local market, each piece would transport me to many wonderful exotic worlds and many imagined lands… Nature is my greatest inspiration, which is why I choose reclaimed metals and wish my Art practice to tread ever so delicately on this inspiring world. I am also immensely influenced by Indigenous Art and especially African adornment, with its versatility, ingenious use of materials and its celebration of originality. I also draw inspiration from the many cultures I have lived in and the many I dream of experiencing.

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