Louise Williams

How heavy are your thoughts? The longer a thought turns in our minds the heavier it gets, sometimes I feel as though my thoughts grow branches and soon I’m carrying something that has a life all of it’s own! I created this work amongst a chaotic week of life’s everyday catastrophes and it turned out to be as self-expressive as it was artistically explorative.

Artists Biography:

Inspired by children’s picture books, it’s only fitting that Kiama artist Louise Williams conjures up all kinds of magical creatures and characters. It does, however, seem a quirky trait to find that most of her illustrations are focused on one very still moment captured in time, but it’s in these small moments that she allows herself to explore the subtleties of human emotion. Having run Melbourne based art label, Painted Street, for many years, Louise has recently turned her attention to personal work while she raises her two young children.

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