Kerry Candarakis

This bat was painted with a typical backyard cricket match in mind. Welcome to Kiama, where locals play with a backdrop of rolling lush hills and valleys. Every six gives the players’ time to daydream, inviting the team to be distracted by the amazing landscape in every direction.

Artists Biography:

Kerry Candarakis is a contemporary abstract expressionist artist based in Sydney. As a contemporary artist, she chooses to experiment with many different mediums that include pastel, acrylic, oil, bark, bitumen, rust and wax, pretty much anything she finds. Exploring texture and a diverse range of subject matter, both in abstraction and reality Kerry aims to create an emotion or feeling with her work. Her primary love is colour and its ability to have a psychological and physical response making your eyes move around the canvas. She works in series to delineate the different themes that see explored.

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