Hela Donela

This piece is about following your dreams and being true to yourself, working with what you have and enjoying the journey. The raw material of stripped cricket bat grain affected me. I felt connection to time before it was used in cricket. I let my inspiration take me using the materials I love most: acrylic paint, stainless steel staples and wire.

Artists Biography:

Unable to quench my thirst in creating art and painting, I have looked for my voice, my true self. In early 2013 a near-death accident made me embrace my art. It woke me up to realise the importance of pursuing what I love. It opened my eyes. My art is a path to visual meditation; moments of peace and reminders of the beauty around us, being true to yourself and being real. In a hectic world we all need something to makes us pause and to breathe – to FEEL: the pain, the joy, the growth, the silence and the sound… We need someone who whispers: ’embrace the ones you hold dear. NOW. Do it today.’

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