Belinda Brooks

A celebration of the seam, a simple sewn line, bringing separate pieces together, joining and creating a new whole. In the hands of an expert, seams also remind us of the joy of variation, and the power of the unexpected – as their skilled use brings such excitement and interest on the pitch. As a community, we are often brought together with new purpose, new strength, and vitality as we explore the relationships between each of us – relationships that bind us to each other. This exhibition, “Bats for Willo”, creates such seam.

Artists Biography:

Having studied Communications in the United States, Belinda Brooks seeks the tell stories through her art. A multi award winning artist, Belinda develops opportunities that encourage conscious community, self-reflection and creative expression. Belinda has worked professionally across the spectrum of the arts, engaging in music, writing, theatre, art and poetry, and was invited by Westpac to be one of their “Artist in Residence”, a branch ambassador of the arts in the Illawarra. After receiving a diagnosis of a congenital degenerative bone disease in 2011, Belinda strives to utilise creative methods in her pain management and problem solving, seeking to find opportunity in adversity. Belinda also supports those with life limiting diagnosis, to explore and express through artistic expression. Belinda is always seeking to use her art practice to open conversation in community.

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