Becky Guggisberg

Becky Guggisberg is a Kiama based artist who has a particular interest in the figure, colour, movement & the human condition.

This ‘Bats for Willo’ painting highlights the freedom summer brings – its tropical, its time to dance and swim …and play cricket. The colours are subtle and the beautiful bleached pale willow coloured timber of the bat shines through. There is an association with the word ‘cricket’ & the very popular song when I was growing up “Dreadlock holiday” – it’s hard to say they word without bursting into song! “I love it, yeah”

Becky has had many trips to India and was a finalist in The Cricket Art Prize with a painting titled ‘Amongst the chaos lives the God of Cricket’ where she examines the incredible reverence given to cricket in India. She has successfully applied to be an Artist in Residency in the Holy City of Varanasi, India and will be studying there in March this year.

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