Tim Read

Tim and his family live at the Bend Of Islands, a bushy conservation area in Melbourne’s north east. Bend Of Islands is home to many artists including painters, potters, writers and sculptors. On the banks of the Yarra River, Bend Of Islands is Wurundjeri Country has a rich aboriginal history and a large variety of native flora and fauna. A background in the building industry has given Tim a strong technical foundation from which he can create form. Tim purchased a welder to repair an earth mover. This simple act revealed his gift for creating works of art sculpture out of metal. Tim’s passion is working with steel and he prefers reclaimed material in its second stage of life. “A big part for me is connecting with stuff in a different way. Turning something that may have had and end date into something completely different. Not allowing it’s previous life to determine it’s value in the future. I truly believe that your past does not determine your future”. As you drive into the Bend of Islands 5 acre property, the first thing you are greeted with is the sign ‘Mingalaba”. ‘Mingalaba’ is Burmese for Hello or Welcome. If there is one word to explain your experience of visiting Tread Studio, it is welcome. Tim and his wife Karen have a gift of hospitality and it is not uncommon to find yourself immersed in conversation and getting lost in the tranquility of the retreat. Deep in his heart Tim is an advocate for those who are marginalised and on the edges. This advocacy has seen Tim and his family become involved in helping settle refugees from parts of Burma to Melbourne and Bright, VIC. As Burma holds a special place in Tims heart, 10 % of all profits from Tread Sculptures goes to clothing, feeding and educating children in a Burmese village orphanage. This compassion has also led to Tim being involved in facilitating a local Mind Health support group called ‘Blur’. Blur is a confidential peer led support group. It is a safe place for people suffering mind health issues, or for anyone having a hard time.

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