Simone Gardiner

As Robertson locals, we have become familiar with the wonderful world of Will through seeing his bat display at the Robertson Pub. Beautiful Ange happened to be present and explained how special the creations truly were, which we related to, having our gorgeous son who is also a creative child on the spectrum facing his own challenges. My involvement in this exhibition came about thanks to Sensei Al Mauger of Robertson Judo Club, who agreed to contribute a piece for the Friends of Will Exhibition…and promptly handed the bat over to me!
Thanks Al…no pressure! Regardless, I am proud to have produced a piece on behalf of our little club. It’s an incredibly supportive, inclusive and fun environment for our kids. Sensei Al is a strong but gentle, understanding (and patient) role model. He inspires, challenges and encourages the children through his teaching of Judo (meaning “The Gentle Way”) to feel stronger and more confident in themselves, at any age and any ability.
Simone Gardiner, on behalf The Robertson Judo Club and families.

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