Peter Ferguson

“Life’s Challenges” The inspiration for my work comes from the daily struggle and ownership of the challenges we face. Will, Ange and family are an inspiration when it comes to working through their challenges on a daily basis and in the process they have allowed the community to share in the joy and love of disability. Over the last 12 months Steve Smith has faced one of his life’s greatest challenges. To his credit he stood up and took ownership and will forever carry the burden and responsibility of making the infamous poor decision as Australia’s Captain. We could barely imagine the mental torment and demons associated with such a public shaming. The degree of inner strength required to bring oneself back from those dark places is something many people who suffer or have suffered depression like myself will relate too. Finally, both Will and Steve share a bond, the love and passion of cricket. Whilst their challenges are quite different they both share an inspiring sense of self, that we all may learn from. My bat is a collaborative effort between myself and the team at YP Leisure Options in Minlaton SA who refurbished the bat for me. It is why I left the sanding marks and a simple clear coat over our joint works.

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