Natalie Woodham

I have named the bat “Free as a Seagull” My stylised depiction of seagulls soaring high above the clouds against a clear blue sky, has a lot to do with living by the coast and my appreciation of Mother Nature. Having spent years as a graphic designer, I find that my style of painting is illustrative and graphic with the use of solid bold colours. Most mornings, I enjoy walking on the beach, looking up and seeing flocks of seagulls soaring high above me. I love that they are FREE …… and it is during these times, I often reflect on how fortunate I am and what it means to have freedom in my own life. Freedom gives us opportunities for choice in our own lives and that’s why I have chosen and feel it is important to support young men like Will, so that they too, have freedom of choice and are given the same opportunities that most of us are fortunate enough to experience and so often take for granted.

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