Merrin Jeff

Australian Seascape Artist, Merrin Jeff grew up on the South East Coast of Australia. Living only minutes away from the magnificent coastline and beaches within Jervis Bay, from where she draws most of her inspiration.
Merrin began pencil drawings horses and horse portraits as a young child, entering and winning local shows and community colouring in competitions. In her teens she started to experiment with oil paints, trying different techniques to get the effect she desired and over time developed her own unique style of painting. Her passion right from the start has always been the ocean and the beach, for which she sold many pieces to private collectors in her late teens.
With work and family commitments, Merrin had to put her painting on hold for many years and only now, in the last 6 years has been able to resume painting full time. Building a studio in her back yard, she now has the time to paint and teach others her techniques.
Merrin’s medium of choice is oil, as she finds it workable and vibrant, in saying that Merrin also paints with acrylic on her smaller artworks and when there are no time restraints.
When choosing a subject Merrin always looks for character and perspective. Her paintings are not to look precise or exact, but a realistic impression of what she sees, put to canvas. Merrin likes to bring a depth of field to her art through perspective, shadows and detail, giving the viewer a look into their own private piece of paradise.

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