Maggie Henderson

I feel privileged to be part of this year’s “friends bat for Will’ fund raiser and exhibition. My best friend and neighbour growing up has a sister who was born with a disability. I’ve seen firsthand the positive results of a loving and supportive family, community and the programs in place for young adults to gain self-independence and shine a light of their qualities and love for life on others. Another good friend of mine has a son Daniel, born with cerebral palsy, who like Will (and they share the same surname) has proven that disabilities don’t have to be a barrier. He is an ambassador to save the orangutans from extinction. All anyone wants is to feel included and its programs like Will’s that help to realise inclusiveness and encourage a sense of self and independence for those who need a helping hand.
I am a visual and portrait artist who lives in the Illawarra. I’ve always been a creative soul, it doesn’t matter what I do, ‘Art’, is all over it. Being creative is my happy place. This year’s bat was inspired by the joy my art community brings me and the things I’ve learned along the way. My upbringing was colourful, enriched with French and Hungarian food, music and culture. Mixed media art encourages self-expression, you never know what’s going to present itself. The girl at the fair appeared from the colours and papers applied to the surface and for me reflects happiness, fun and the freedom to be all that you can be.

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