Kally Arnold

My name is Kally Arnold I am currently studying Creative Arts, Visual Arts and Design at UOW. I began this study after leaving a 17 year career as a Police Officer in the NSW Police Force. I had previously studied Fine Arts at West Wollongong before my policing career and but gave away pursuing an art career. Now returning to the calling of Art I enjoy developing my skills and understanding of all aspects of Visual Arts. I was interested in painting for Willo Industries as I also work at a local Public school as a School Learning Support Officer (SLSO). Within this role I have face to face contact with many children on the Autism Spectrum. I thought this project was a great way to bring attention to the need for inclusive community . My bat is called “ All the pieces are coming together”. It uses the jigsaw pieces in the image, as sometimes people with ASD view the world not as a whole, but pieces of a picture much like a jigsaw. They may become fixated on the smaller specific details. It also is about the Willo Industries project taking shape piece by piece and bringing about an inclusive community. Hope you enjoy my work.

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