Georgia Henderson

This is my first year being part of a Willo exhibition and I am grateful for the opportunity. I am a strong advocate of an inclusive society and portray diversity in my art. Willo has brought a wonderful group of likeminded individuals together all with a common goal of which the ‘friends bat for Will’ exhibition will undoubtedly portray. Its great to be part of this initiative to work towards giving individuals who have it tougher than others access to a better way of life.
My cricket bat represents that we are all unique and each have a place in this world. I chose to sketch out a range of faces of different shapes, size and features, all drawn with a single line. The quote by unknown, every person is a door to a new world has been inscribed on the edge of the bat.
About my art? I love to draw and started up OYNOP.Art on Instagram and face book to showcase my simple line drawings. My drawings are mostly of people in their everyday lives, creating memories in family groups

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