Ella and Moonacres Cafe

Ellie – “I believe for many; a café is more than just a place to come grab a coffee and bite to eat. Cafes are the hub of a small community; even in a big city- people seek out and frequent their ‘local’. What we are seeking is connection. Affirmation that we are in fact, NOT, doing this alone. I see the nourishment and nurturing that takes place in the café- not just in the partaking of good food and drink; but also, in the coming together of family and friends and the often more poignant chance meetings.
At the Moonacres Farm the soil health is the foundation of everything. The produce that good soil grows it healthier and more resilient, its colour more vibrant and its taste richer and more complex. A good community works in the same way for its people. We achieve our best selves when are wholly nurtured and supported. Will, his mum Ange, Grandma Carol and Aunt Jenny are our regular customers and friends at the Moonacres Kitchen. But I feel we are linked in another, more philosophical, way. We are both attempting to strengthen and enrich our communities (and thus the world we live in) by encouraging those around us to see things in a different way….
At Moonacres Kitchen we are aiming to reconnect people with the earth by thinking about where their food comes from and the greater impact that their seemingly simple choices make. Ange and Will are challenging people to see pos-ability instead of dis-ability; to work together to create opportunity and choice for all- with a focus on creativity and sustainability.
When we are able to change perspective- we are then free to engage and interact with the world differently- and real positive change becomes possible.
CONNECTIONS has been at the core of my thinking in relation to this project and exhibition. In attempting to represent this concept I have put the idea in a crucible of sorts and my images are related to connection at a microscopic level- chemical bonding- the connections that take place between elements to form compounds. The magic that takes place when individuals join together to form something new, something better, something stronger”.

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