Cool Hand Luke/ Murchison River Swags

Look who called in last week! Luke aka #coolhluke called in to drop off the cricket bat that we had given him to decorate. Ange sent me a bat (she obviously hasn’t seen any of my attempts at art ????), and I asked Luke whether he would help out. He is a local artist who does pyrography (burning pictures into wood). He did a beautiful job of it too, with a Blue Marlin actually burnt into the bat! Luke is a humble young guy, doesn’t like photos of himself much and a man of few words who normally wouldn’t do this type of thing. But, seeing as it was for such a great cause, raising funds and awareness for those with autism, he accepted my invitation to help out. A few words from Luke….. “CoolHandLuke (Blue Marlin)
It was a pleasure to help out Murchison River Swags. Gabrielle contacted me to help out with Willo. I started out a few years ago burning paper and since have learnt this art form is pyrography. Hopefully Willo hits a few sixes”.

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