Tegan Georgette

Art is a product of pure presence and passion. I believe people can create art in whatever they do by simply being present and passionate. Everyday is a blank canvas from which people can create any experiences. My art is reflective, reactive and part of my art practice has been to NOT think when I am creating. My creations are best when I am able to surrender and allow the art to flow through me. My pieces incorporate a combination of creative styles including contemporary, surrealism, expressionism and figurative elements. I am not restricted to one style and I thrive on the unpredictability of my creative self. Advice that I am always eager to give young artists is to create art from a space of curiosity and exploration. The liberty to express yourself through art is something really powerful and a therapeutic experience that I encourage many of my students to embrace. There has been such a fear built up about creativity – a fear of not being good enough or work not being realistic. I believe artistic expression is freeing and an amazing form of mediation, therapy, communication, entertainment and connection. I hope that every artist is able to experience the freedom of being creative by simply being present and showing passion in whatever they may do.

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