Tanya Stubbles

Based on the south coast of NSW Australia, I grew up on a rural property with a lot of freedom and capacity to play imaginatively. I believe these early childhood experiences enriched my ability to surrender to the creative process.

A particularly vivid memory is of a birthday party at the Riversdale property where Arthur Boyd was painting. Being only four years old I was not allowed to go to the river with the other children. I watched Boyd working and recall the paint splattered cement floor of the studio and sunlight streaming through the wide windows overlooking the river. I was excited by the way in which he approached his work with thick meaty strokes of paint. I was inspired by his freedom of expression. This triggered my resolve to become an artist.

I describe myself as a social landscape painter. My goal is to explore the Australian identity, our stories and pastimes. I seek to create iconic images, which weave together stories of the land, its people and history. Through the use of nostalgic and sentimental elements sourced from all over Australia, I create works which speak to the people of their experiences. Construction offers a opening to access the subconscious through materials which in turn trigger the memories of childhood experiences and pastimes. I explore both rural and industrial landscapes and define myself as working in abstraction of the landscape. My use of materials and the interpretations of the places are always constructed through a highly intuitive process.

In 2008 I returned to my rural roots, completing a residency at Bundanon. I was also chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Wynne prize at the AGNSW. Since commencing work in 2006 I have exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Alice Springs and China.

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