Renee Miller

Renee Miller creates artworks which lure viewers into a sense of nostalgic beauty with the aim to heal and inspire. Her abstract images are a fusion of reality and imagination, brought together with shapes and lines of the earth as if viewed from above. Taking inspiration from the incredible countryside she grew up in, where the farms meet the sea in the Great Lakes, NSW and infusing the colours she witnessed whilst living in the Northern Territory. She is effected deeply by the land and seascapes which hold healing properties and aims to bring that warmth, sense of calmness and stillness into peoples lives. If only just for a minute viewers are transported to a world which grounds them and joy is bestowed upon them her work as an artist is complete. Renee lives in Kirrawee Sydney, on the doorstep of the Royal National Park and is constantly inspired by the rock formations, patterns in nature and ever changing colours of the sea. She is holding her first exhibition later this year.

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