Marguerite Bonwick

My name is Marguerite Bonwick, I live in the Southern Highlands NSW. I have completed an Associate Diploma in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Teaching. I am a mother of children and until 2016 I was a full time carer to my disabled 16 year old daughter. Whilst I was parenting and caring I was able to intermittently revisit most of the artistic practices I learnt through Fine Arts. It has been and is now at this time in my life I am able to fully commit to my artistic journey. I am an evolving and diverse artist who loves to explore both, traditional art making methods as well as the new and contemporary. I enjoy using mixed media, acrylics, gouache, watercolour , oil paints, inks, graphite, charcoal and pastels. I implore many different mediums using various and sometimes experimental techniques. I enjoy working intuitively and allowing the artwork to guide me and take me on a journey.. one that I can engage with the viewer, inviting them to interpret the journey/ artwork for themselves. I enjoy researching Historical Artists and learning about their techniques and art making processes. I then explore these ideas within my own art making. I also enjoy attending life drawing sessions, using my sketches for painting references …constantly aspiring to recreate the human form. I recently enjoyed a spate in Still life Studies inspired by the garden blooms. And am enjoying creating a series of Abstract Pieces that involve abstract thoughts on human relationships and our interconnectedness. The inspiration for my art is universal as I am constantly inspired by nature, life and its beauty. I like to simultaneously challenge and discipline myself extending my creative limits. My art is unique to me as it always comes from within. My application my portrayal ,my understanding of the theme and the subject matter is a direct and personal response from my heart,my soul.

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