Jaime Lamont

From Darkness to Light….. After a life changing Spiritual Awakening via working with the light propelled me express what I was feeling at its deepest levels.

Each painting is an offering to the Divine light and Holy Mother in all her aspects of creation as she holds us in her womb. The archetype of the Divine Mother kundalini and the Sacred Feminine in embedded deep within our being.

My art is both a learning process for my own spiritual development as well as sharing an intended vibration as each picture holds its own signature of symbology and meaning. Imbued with sacred symbols, sounds and metaphor to allow an inner opening as I seek to communicate with the Soul not the outer shell or mind.
I hope to cross cultures and religions and reveal its all the same journey we share. We are all ONE and connected by this Divine Truth, Light of Wisdom, God Source.

With no formal Art training I quantum jumped to another dimension to learn how to paint from myself. This was a 5min mediation with lasting effects on my psyche and how I create art.

May all beings find a deeper Truth within. May we uplift and honour each others journey in this body and may all beings be happy.


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