Holly Eva

My imagination runs free like the ocean. I remember as a child I would run along an empty beach and I would sometimes imagine I was the only person living on the earth and I was a strong and peaceful warrior searching for a pirate lover and a new adventure. Now as an adult I have found my pirate and I hold my adventures in my right hand with a big old worn out paintbrush. I paint as if I am seeing things for the first time. I lose myself in my imagination and escape to a place where I feel free. No rules, no noise, no turmoil, just me being free. I love music and I love to dance. I taught dance and still dance to music as part of my fitness routine. Its a natural instinct of mine to dance when I hear music. This is the same natural instinct I have to just pick up a paintbrush and simply splash colours around. Painting for me is a very humbling experience for I am always learning. I am open to new ideas and I am open to mistakes. Its my way I release my inside energy. I allow the messy drops of paint to awkwardly do their thing. I honour my imagination and I am truly grateful for all that I have. Who knows what my next adventure will bring or what my next painting will be.

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