Andrew Casaceli

There is nothing sweeter than hitting the sweet spot when playing Cricket! Something magic happens in that exact moment between bat, ball and the self. It’s a registration that occurs in such a short moment but in that moment there is an immediate clarity. It’s definite and true. In cricket when hitting the sweet spot, sometimes if we are lucky enough the ball leaves its mark upon the bat, known as “ the cherry”. Cricketers love cherries on their bats as these are actual first hand evidence of great strokes. Often cricketers can tell you the exact time and place of such individual cherries. While this writer has the absolute respect and admiration for such feats, God forbid having to be subject to their recollection!!! So in reference to “The Sweet Spot” the love heart/cherry left on Willo’s bat is a metaphor for us wee humans. It’s in our daily lives, and through the amalgamation of moments that we are touched by another human, an animal or through nature, that we are gifted “love heart cherries”. Deep marks left upon us. Cherished and worn with pride. Used as reference points during the hard slog of the human condition. These cherries define us and guide us. It’s what makes us unique. Great. Timeless. These milestones help us forge forward into the unknown and allow us to be sympathetic to a new batter to the crease. The greater heart itself is made from broom sticks collected over many years from council cleanups. Each broom stick has a history. Is worn through time and effort. The broomstick in its own way has a selfless property that has facilitated the user to hours of meditation and release. In short these broom sticks come with good vibes. The size and shape of the work has been deliberate in that I wanted to replicate a shield. A shield found in a sporting club. Throughout Australia in any given local sports club, whether it be cricket, footy or surf clubs, shields can be found. These shields are historical evidence of either individual or team achievement. But more deeply they capture and archive the spirit of community. The shield may trace the event but more so over time it reminds us of the people who created the event. Its spirit. As for me. I’m an artist who paints houses to survive. Three children Yumiko, Babette and Orlando. Georgia my wife. They are my life through the thick and thin of it. All my works are one-offs that usually are found or collected throughout my dawdling. I have a fine arts degree in painting but I’m too pedantic to paint portrait anymore and prefer to make stuff that ends up being overly pedantic! In cricketers terms I could be described as the “night watchman”. Not the the best batsman by a long shot but someone who could take you to the close of play while leaving everyone’s finger nails a little worse for wear!

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