Amanda Skye

Self taught artist Amanda Skye has had a life time of passion for art and design starting an art career over 10 years ago in animal portraiture and landscape while sharing a career in animal conservation,tourism and interior styling . A local resident to the Northern Illawarra region , her inspiration is acquired through her strong connection with wildlife , nature and the forever evolving beauty of the sky and it’s relationship with the land and ocean . The emotions , dramatic contrasts and atmosphere that evoke a feeling or memory in time inspire my mood based landscapes while my love for botanicals and wildlife are reflected in vibrant tones . Amanda does not see herself fixed to a particular genre not style offering an eclectic mix allowing her to explore and challenge herself. Known both locally and internationally for her animal portraits on feathers has extended her range to alternate surfaces such as canvas and timber alongside the feather art . Amanda has exhibited as a nominated finalist in 2016 St George Art Prize , 2017 International Polo

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