Dec 18, 2018

Our biggest Exhibition to date with close to 90 artists coming together from around Perth. For many of the artists it is their second time to paint for Willo in an extraordinary show of support.

Working with Roger Bayzand, Trudi Nell and Celestine Dyson in Perth, we have discovered an incredible community in this city which is so far from us. We have witnessed an outpouring of support in a way that has surprised and humbled our family.

The artists in their own right have wonderful backgrounds and their art is stunning. To think they are now offering and giving their time to us has again…been very humbling. I realise that we all have a story and the desire to connect around our stories and to offer help can be incredibly connecting.

I just wanted to share this email that came from Celeste. It touched our heart in a way that has inspired us to keep pursuing our dream of more choice and acceptance.

“DEAR Ange and Will

I was so very honored to meet you Ange and so awesomely impressed with your story and your goals shared
at Wanneroo Joondalup Art Society in July past.  When you told us about this unbelievable massive wonderful venture, this dream to make a meaningful future, for Will especially, but others with disability too. What a grand and beautiful selfless dream you have embarked upon.  May you be blessed in every way with every success. When I was offered the opportunity to paint a bat I was so humbled to think my efforts could make a difference.

This lead me to think back on the day I met you Ange and the mammoth task you had set yourself to achieve for Will.  The absolute devotion that oozes out of you, the determined never fail hard slog ahead and above all the bravery that takes out there in the wilderness not knowing the outcome. HOW COULD I DO IT … I wanted to express and mostly try and “interpret” in the bat I paint, that very dedication, that devotion and that amazing promise to your son and also express his willingness to
co-operate, his knowing he owns this journey and his bravery and personal endurance too.

I decided the magnanimous great African wildlife migration and all of its hardship and dangers and the promise of a place of peaceful pastures, of belonging. THE reward of a place to roam freely at the end of the toughest of journeys is what defines you both.

So my bat. A beautiful close family of elephants, representing the most amazing family devotion. Migrating together, bravely caring. Its title is “We are family” and that is what I am proud to be part of .. your Willo Family, on this amazing journey.
Kindest regards,
thank you for the honour – Celeste Heilbronn”



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