Oct 3, 2017

I have thought for some time about the stories we share here and the beautiful moments that have significantly changed Wills day and life through the cricket bats.

Will has gathered a following for his bats which goes beyond his community and transcends disability. It has become a movement of people across Australia, the US, Middle East and India wanting to support our commitment to build a life that underpins Wills future and potentially many others like Will. It demonstrates the strength of connection and the bridges that unite us for a cause. I think deep within .. we feel drawn to something that makes us feel we have made a difference. We are drawn to those that do it tough and where the barriers are more significant than our own. Their is an inherent desire to help where we can and with something that touches our hearts and beliefs.

In this case it has taken a young man with disabilities, a gathering of artists that, without prejudice or pride, have created stunning pieces of artwork. Artwork with cricket bats that have been decaying in sheds and clubs that hold a rich history with dads, granddads and players of all walks of life. We have been united through cricket, art and the ability in disability.

Through all this we are grateful the bats have allowed people to see Will. To see the ability, the beautiful, the excited and the gentleness.

For his family .. they are the constant that Will requires to do his day and to experience what he is experiencing. We are the ones that separate the day that can be painful, debilitating, emotional and challenging … to what you all see.

It is our absolute love for Will that we are doing this and we will continue to find the way for a happy and fulfilling life for him. Our love is unconditional.

To love Will and people like Will you need to accept and be devoted to all of who they are. They are not their behaviour or their disability .. they simply live with this. How incredible they are to fit into this world.

We are very grateful for the love you show and commitment to our cause.

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