Nov 13, 2017

The power of community and the generosity surrounding community will never cease to amaze us.

This connection to Kiama all began from a message from Kathryn, the owner of the Beachside Emporium. She wondered, with such graciousness, if she and her creative network could support Willo and paint a few bats for him.

It was a surprise to receive this message. I think because we have no expectations and try to allow Willo to find its way naturally with those who truly want to connect. Who see and understand the story of Will. We had an instant sense that Kathryn was one of those people.

We loaded up with all the bats and drove to Kiama to meet with Kathryn not knowing the lovely welcoming that Will would receive. The moment Will walked through the doors of this inspiring shop with his arms full of bats  … we knew. Photos and smiles and warm hugs.

It is more than the bats.

Will opens yet another door to people who want to belong and be apart of something that moves them. He  gently nudges them towards a better understanding of the need to see and understand that we all deserve to find  our place and been seen for who we are. We all deserve to live an inspired and happy life no matter the perceived ability or disabilty.

We are receiving pictures daily of artists coming into the shop in Kiama to collect their bat … and we love it.

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