Through our Instagram Gallery you’ll find inspiring stories and a growing collection of beautifully created crickets bats. The bats have been refurbished  and prepared by Will and his team from Yorke Peninsula Leisure Options SA, Woodbine Inc VIC and Will in NSW. The bats have been created and hand-painted by over 500 Australian and international celebrities, artists, muscicians, sportspeople, farmers, school children, politicians and community members.

We are deeply honoured and grateful to the amazing people who have given so freely of their time and their talent. This Gallery represents a unique collection of cricket bats that is available for sale.

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Bunbury is Batting for Will in 2021 💚

Willo is happily and very gratefully announcing ... we have our first community for 2021 💚

Leah @randyresin is leading our team from Bunbury in WA and we hope to inspire influence and create from Bunbury to Albany and everywhere in between. Through our Cricket Bat Exhibition we will connect and create more meaningful relationships with our children and families, our friends and neighbours who live with intellectual challenges.

Welcome Leah and all of your communities to the Willo family of inclusion. We will see you soon 💚

Exhibition #9

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A privilege to spend the weekend planning with our Chairman. Very grateful Paul to have your calm, your leadership, guidance and integrity.

Our Charity is heading into 2021 with a greater sense of purpose, determination and clarity.

Where There’s a Will
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Hello Hawaii 💚🌸

Willo has its first cricket bat artist from Hawaii. It’s a snapshot of the start of this creation with a wood dye test and we can’t wait to see it completed!!

Thanks to our brilliant refurbishing team at Woodbine in Warracknabeal, Victoria for preparing and sending and to Shaun @shawnardoinart for becoming part of our worldwide team of artists.

Our Charity, our artists and our partners are committed to influencing a change in the way we see those who live with intellectual challenges.
One cricket bat at a time
One person at a time
One community at a time
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Yesterday we received this cricket bat. It’s 85 years old.

We felt so incredibly honoured to be holding this and as the story we read unfolded the tears expressed what my heart felt.

It’s a story of love and a relationship of a father and his son and the game that created memories that we now, have the privilege to hold.

We accepted this beautiful memory from this family and I hope they know it will be treasured and be a constant reminder of how the game we love opened a life that has changed us for the better.

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On the 18th January 2021 Will was listed in the 20 Most Influential People in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.

Of 47,882 people .. this boy makes the top 20.

I have known this for a very long time that he has the ability to connect and change peoples lives. It made my heart burst with pride to know that Will has achieved this recognition and the most beautiful part ..... he has no intention to influence. He is simply being Will.

Will has essential qualities that seamlessly connect with others. Those qualities are kindness, love, a lack of ego, wholeheartedness, resilience and persistence. There is truth in his behaviour and a genuine spirit, He is gentle and authentic. He doesn’t judge .. he uses his intuition, the heart.

He keeps getting up even with so many moments where doors have been closed and where he has encountered exclusion .. he keeps going. When he was not invited to the countless parties or events as a young child .. he kept being hopeful. When he is the 12th man and waits 80 overs every weekend in the summer … for a single bowl .. be does it with such passion and joy. He waits his turn, he hugs without return of favour, he fits in and shows an incredible depth of selflessness.

He is influential because he behaves in a way that we all admire and watch, but often times cannot be. He lives life by example and inadvertantly reminds people to be more understanding and caring. He shows people that he can .. because he has to .. live with so few choices. He silently and quietly hopes we will all sacrifice something, be more patient, give more of our time so that someone less able or more vulnerable can have more choice .. which they so desperately need.

He is showing what community could look like if we all stopped to take notice and be more present.

Will is influential because he is making a difference to people lives.... to communities.. to this country. His family, his friends, his team mates, to strangers and now the world that has come to see his face as the inspiration behind Where There’s a Will.

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