Will Clarke and his family have been overwhelmed with the support Where There’s A Will has received. In this Gallery you’ll find a growing collection of beautifully painted crickets bats – sanded and prepared by Will and the Willo team based in Hubs in SA WA VIC and NSW – and then hand-painted by over 350 Australian celebrities, artists, muscicians and sportspeople. 

We are deeply honoured and grateful to the amazing people who have given so freely of their time and their talent. This Gallery represents a unique collection of cricket bats that is available for sale or auction on our auction site.

We would like to thank Gina Umoren Photography for her generosity and beautiful images of our bats.

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It’s not something I would normally do .. trumpet my own birthday but I feel so incredibly grateful today. To parent these two beauties and to have the life we have together is beyond joy 💚💚
#happydays #birthday #love #gratitude

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Thank you to Wills beautiful community for your care and support with the recent news we shared 💚
Will is so incredibly resilient patient and generous and is no stranger to challenge. His positive attitude to life and it’s limitations has created a strength and determination that we have come to admire and be inspired by daily 💚 The news is good and we look forward to more of your encouragement and thoughts over the next few months 💚
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