Through our Instagram Gallery you’ll find inspiring stories and a growing collection of beautifully created crickets bats. The bats have been refurbished  and prepared by Will and his team from Yorke Peninsula Leisure Options SA, Woodbine Inc VIC and Will in NSW. The bats have been created and hand-painted by over 700 Australian and international celebrities, artists, muscicians, sportspeople, farmers, school children, politicians and community members.

We are deeply honoured and grateful to the amazing people who have given so freely of their time and their talent. This Gallery represents a unique collection of cricket bats that is available for sale.

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Yup .. the little sign was just hammered in acknowledging the start of our Willo inspired and funded community garden @growrobbo

Pretty chuffed to have this beautiful space. A space that permeates belonging, inclusion and care 💚

A space for powerful community level, social change and cohesion. Bringing new opportunities, hope and connection.

Willo 💚


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@heyfieldbatsforwill and @soul.stories

Our purpose as a Charity is to inspire communities to be authentically inclusive of neurodiversity.. otherwise known as intellectual disability.

Our cricket bats connect to communities through artists and we create a platform to talk about building stronger villages where we take responsibility for all our people.

We raise seed funds through selling the bats to eventually build something that provides a place of belonging for all people that is community driven.

For too long we have made disability feel uncomfortable for being different rather than learning how to understand care and include and lean into their incredible hearts.

Every single community we have connected with has been because one person believed enough about what could be. They wanted their town to feel and be connected.

This girl 💚

She has single handedly inspired many of Australia’s most insanely beautiful artists to help connect her town of Heyfield. She is teaching kindness and care to the kids at her local school through cricket bat art. She is collaborating with local organisations and bravely bringing attention to what great leadership can achieve.

It takes one person to inspire change and the village will respond.

Tams and #australiabatsforwill

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I’m imagining a world where we don’t have to advertise the fact that we are conscious and friendly to our children who live with Autism and neurodiversity.

C’mon people .. let’s be better at accepting and being ok with difference. Get uncomfortable, be willing to put yourself out so those that need our care can be comfortable.

It takes a village 💕

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