Friends Bat for Will

Aug 8, 2019

We were offered an opportunity to have an exhibition in our hometown of Robertson NSW by our mates at the Robbo Pub. After travelling throughout Australia and connecting with so many new communities and people…. I felt how would it be to do the same in our own town? It suddenly took on a new meaning as I reflected on the process we have become so familiar with over the years. Meeting so many new people, gathering artists and connecting us all with disability. Thinking about how we create more choices. Now its out town.

Well …our town came together for a remarkable event. Our primary school teamed up with the Men’s Shed to learn how to refurbish some bats and Will was invited into the school to get to know the kids. He became known and loved. Our butcher, our pub, our cafe, our local artists and artists from afar came together to create artwork for Robbo Bats for Will. Wills aunt was out from the UK and had never seen an exhibition come together and Wills family flew in from around Australia. Warooka Bats for Will came over and artists from Kiama and Timbermill Bats for Will painted again. We had Channel 7 cricket contact us to film for a story to open the 2020 Test series. We had poetry written, a leading indigenous artist, an oyster farmer, a young boy on the spectrum, a University, the school kids and a session in a local park with 4 amazing artists creating one bat together. It was a constant of wow moments.

The night came together with local friends and previous exhibition organisers helping to hang over 65 bats A packed house and food generously supplied by the pub. The school choir sang a song dedicated to Will, there was didgeridoo playing and an impromptu band came together. Beautiful speeches and money was raised. It was decided that the money would be put towards to create a community garden to support our families to give more choice for work experiences, building relationships and mentoring.

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