Bunbury Exhibition

Leah Rando

Leah is heading up the Bunbury Bats for Will Exhibition in 2021 and has become our lastest champion for inclusion in Australia. #RandyResin Read more about Leah www.randyresin.com

Steph Ball

Steph was instrumental in running the successful Warooka Bats for Will Exhibition in 2019 and has photographed for Will 7 times. Read more about Steph

Shawn Ardoin

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Tams Hesz

Tams is heading up the Heyfiled Bats for Will Exhibition in 2021 and has become our lastest champion for inclusion in Australia. Heyfield is our very first schools run exhibition with the community supporting the kids to learn about how kindness love and compassion can help us to be more inclusive. Read more about Tams 

Nene Mitchell

Nene Mitchel is an emerging contemporary artist who, like a number of our first nation’s people, are experiencing the challenges and rewards of working through the jigsaw of her past. See more of Nene

Dylan Nietrzeba

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Dr Fiona Wood

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Keean Forgiarini

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Shelley Taylor-Smith

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Claire Cassey

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Andrew Fraser

Influenced by common shared stories that remind us of our humanity, Andrew’s art draws upon our inner-child through subtle textures, whimsical characters & imaginative driven landscapes. Read more about Andrew

Stephen Peacock

Jack Cropley

Lisa Munday MP

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Michelle Wong - Coderdojo Program

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Dr Prisca Hoarau

Meg Hicks

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Rod Parker

Kelli Sharp

Natalie Jackson

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Ian Nieuwpoort

Lauren Smith

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Indijana Nikulinsky

Michelle Cowan

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Julie Cubbage

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Stella Hall

Jana Vodesil-Baruffi

Sue Hicks

Christine Smith

Carina Hoang

Aimee Rytenskild

Brooke Hamilton

Ricardo Lawyer

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Julie Bishop

Angus James

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Mahsa Homayounfard

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Inessa Ivascanin

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Jeanelle Hurst

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Clayton Smith

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Lindsay Polson

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Sita McKinnon

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The Clontarf Foundation - Newton Moore Senior High Students

Harriet Goodall

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Autism Assoc Western Australia

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Diz Brown

Laing Rahner

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James Rewell

Jess Parker

Jodi Powell

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Art by Marielle

Lois Schenk

Meg Hicks

Holly Lange

Heather Atcheson

Jamie Wyatt

Asha Hamilton

Teresa Vincent

Milly Cowan