Bunbury Exhibition

Leah Rando

Leah is a passionate Australian resin artist, incorporating her love of cultures, places and people into her works. She likes to create pieces that are unique to the individual. Leah comes from a teaching background, with a major in Visual Arts. Teaching and community are a big part of her life and has provided her with the skill set needed to bring her passions to the forefront. Leah works from her home based studio. Leah is heading up the Bunbury Bats for Will Exhibition in 2021 and has become our lastest champion for inclusion in Australia. #RandyResin www.randyresin.com

Steph Ball

Steph is a photographer, farmer, gallery owner and committed community advocate. She was instrumental in running the successful Warooka Bats for Will Exhibition in 2019 and has painted for Will 7 times. She is a passionate photographer and uses the bats as canvases for her artwork. 

Shawn Ardoin

Shawn Ardoin is a passionate artist.  He is passionate about fish. He is passionate about the simple shapes of circles and squares. He is passionate about strong, rich, bold color. Combine these passions and the unique art of Shawn Ardoin comes to life on canvas. Having grown up around water in the Louisiana swamps and along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Ardoin has always been intrigued by marine life and the shapes of nature. During his studies at university, he became interested in two-dimensional designs and expressions using pure and vibrant color. Read more about Shawn


Tams is the creator of Soul Stories. Insightful creations that capture the sensitive & vulnerable pieces of your soul. They are written and illustrated from the heart, allowing you to remember how every ingrained & forgotten moment can be turned into something beautiful to feel. Tams sincere hope is that out of the hundreds of stories she has written, perhaps one will reach into your heart and give it a gentle squeeze – that just one will remind you how to feel, and open you up to some of the yummy stuff in life that is so easily forgotten. Tams believes that a better, brighter future is made possible by becoming more aware of our hearts, our feelings and by practicing more empathy & compassion. Read more about Tams 

Nene Mitchell

Nene Mitchel is an emerging contemporary artist who, like a number of our first nation’s people, are experiencing the challenges and rewards of working through the jigsaw of her past. Trying to learn more about her bloodline and connection to country. Born on Bundjalung country, in recent years discovering her grandparents are Darag, her past linking back to Yarramundi on the Hawkesbury River and Gadigal Country at Sydney Heads.
Learning to paint by an elder in Cairns, Jennene found her connection and expression immediately. Using her art to explore her identity and appreciate and celebrate the importance of country, the land, sea, rivers and our native plants and animals. Living all her life on the ocean and nearby national parks, her inspiration comes from this strong connection to her upbringing and her new journey.Nene Mitche