About Where There’s A Will

Where There’s A Will is a new charitable organisation established in Australia supporting people living with intellectual disabilities. The organisation has responded to the sense of isolation and lack of choice that people living with intellectual disabilities feel in their local communities across Australia.

Where There’s A Will, also known as Willo, connects with communities to create and build awareness and understanding about the lack of choice and opportunities for people living with intellectual disabilities.

Willo uses a unique model of combining art and sport through locally driven exhibitions. It inspires artists and community members to paint refurbished cricket bats to sell at exhibitions. The communities are brought together through the exhibitions and they realise a shared desire to create more choice and opportunity.

Where There’s A Will raises funds through the sale of the cricket bats and these funds are used in conjunction with philanthropic funding. Each community has the ability to utilise these funds to identify and create the best project that will deliver the mission of Willo. This model also provides seed funding to help create physical assets that enhance the projects and lay the platform for the community to achieve long-term services for people living with intellectual disabilities.

Our Goals

Willo has the following goals:

To get to know intellectual disability

To fund raise through cricket bat art exhibitions in the community

To connect with people and groups to communicate about inclusion and belonging

To educate communities about disability and the importance of inclusion and belonging for those living with intellectual disability

To provide seed funding from art exhibitions to create more choice and opportunity for those living with intellectual disability within the community

To guide, train and mentor people living with intellectual disabilities, to build skills and confidence to find a place to work, create small businesses or to open pathways to interact socially and creatively in more meaningful ways.

“Due to limited work options and no clear pathway for Will’s future, Where There’s A Will was created”