ABC 7:30 Report

Jun 5, 2017

Through our friend Matt Watson we were questioned early on about the idea of taking Wills Cricket Bats to the media. Matt told me it was a great story and needed to be shared because of its ability to inspire and create awareness around the ability in disability. Matt said however, it needs someone special to present this and build the story with you.

We left it with Matt and were soon introduced to Tracy Bowden from the ABC 7:30 Report. On our behalf he had shared the details with Tracy and she although keen, had to wait for approval from management. In the interim we began to send information to Tracy and images of the bats.

Matt rang us some months later to say they wanted to go ahead and we soon found ourselves contemplating the reality of being on national television. For Will it had no meaning and he did not think or comprehend the potential impact this would have on his future. So how do we represent him?

Tracy and her team arrived into Bowral and met us in town to film. We began at the Mens Shed and Will delighted in the attention of people watching him sand and prepare the bats. He settled into his new role of tv personality and did take after take, without hesitation. He smiled, laughed and shared with the crew in such a humble way  .. his love of the bats. Stephen was by his side and patiently encouraged Will to undertake each task. We all saw in Will his gift .. to be in the moment and to bring people into his world.

We moved into town and recreated many scenes that had become our daily life and eventually made our way home for the interview. It was in many respects the first time of telling the background of the story of Will and why we had chosen to create the options for Will to be independent. Tracy was generous in her encouragement and her care and thoughtfulness towards our family was her strength.

We had lunch, talked like old friends and the crew left.

So now we wait. Life continues.


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