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Our Mission 

To use the strength of our cricket bat art exhibitions to empower and unite communities to get to know, learn from and embrace all people who live with intellectual disabilities that helps reduce exclusion and isolation.

Our Work

Where There’s A Will combines art, cricket bats and exhibitions to bring communities and community organisations together in a unique and positive way. 

Where There’s a Will inspires and educates community leaders and residents through awareness and understanding and offers a way to respond with improved choice and opportunties. The key strategy is to establish the pathway that creates a relationship for the person living with an intellectual disability to their community where they authentically feel included. 

In 2022, Where There’s a Will is collaborating with major Australia wide community organisations including the Australian Men’s Shed Association, that have an interest in supporting people living with intellectual disabilities and improving services within communities.

Funds raised from the exhibitions are driven back into the community to create community owned, community driven and community managed services, places and programs for “all abilities” in the community. 

Ange Clarke Founder

Rainbow Innovation Centre Inc


The Rainbow Innovation Centre is located in Rainbow, Victoria. Its a  not for profit organisation established with funds from the sale of cricket bats through Where There’s a Will. The Centre offers creative programs in a safe and inclusive space, community connection and, learning and development opportunities primarily for people who may feel excluded and/or isolated.

Inclusivity is achieved within the community of Rainbow as more opportunities are created. Those who used to feel excluded or isolated have become more confident through inclusion in the group and the broader community.

The Centre is supported by Woodbine Inc and is now open to communities in the broader shire of Hindmarsh.


Men’s Sheds Bat for Will


The Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) and Where There’s a Will (Willo) have come together to increase awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities across the Men’s Shed community.

What’s involved?

There are a few ways you can be involved in the project, with the most simple being to transform a cricket bat into a piece of art to submit for the Men’s Sheds Bat for Will Exhibition (to be held in early 2023). You can read the Men’s Shed Bat for Will FAQs for more information.

Fill out the Expression of Interest Form so we can keep in touch with information about the project and exhibition: https://mensshed.org/news-events/mens-sheds-bat-for-will-expression-of-interest/


Our Patrons

We have had the pleasure of meeting Will and the team.

Will’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious and what Where There’s a Will has accomplished is highly impressive. From a simple idea – teaching Will skills through refurbished cricket bats – to a growing community across Australia, Where There’s a Will is having a big impact.

They are creating awareness about the ability in disability and encouraging communities to come together to integrate and support those with a disability. It is an uplifting and inspiring journey and Linda and I are delighted to be part of it.

We look forward to supporting the team as joint Patrons and encourage all Australians to join us”.

The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia is His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) and Her Excellency, Mrs Hurley.


A Current Affair
“The Last Over” 5th December 2021

Paive io
“People Inspiring People” October 2019

How to be a Willo Artist

Creating a piece of artwork on a cricket bat is open to anyone who would like to work with Willo. There are no rules or restrictions and the bat will be supplied by Willo ready to paint.

You don’t need to be an artist… you simply need to want to be involved and have an interest in making a difference.

You may know someone who would love to paint, either way let us know and we will send you a bat meticulously refurbished by our team throughout Australia.

Please contact us to register your interest.

How to be a Willo Community

Willo is empowering and uniting communities through art, ability and inclusion.

The Willo Community is currently a collection of over 800 artists, community groups and individuals supporting and responding to creting places of belonging and comnection. To become a Willo community you simply need to want to be a more inclusive place to live.

If you would like to be a Willo community please contact us.

How to send us your bats

We source the second hand bats from schools, cricket clubs, privately and through communities.

Any old bats will be welcomed and bats that have been left in sheds and unused or potentially to be thrown out will be recycled and given a beautiful new purpose and home.

If you would like to send us a bat directly please contact us.


Ben Will & Steve

Ben Will & Steve

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Harley, manager to...

A Man of Influence

A Man of Influence

On the 18th January 2021 Will was listed in the 20 Most...



When our story went to air on the 5th December this year...


This weekend our beautiful Will is moving out of his family home and into a supported home. A milestone that for a long time, I never imagined.

Its something that many families don’t do with their child who is neurodiverse. It’s frightening and we fear they won’t be cared for, seen or understood. We hear of neglect, abuse and we know the lack of choice. So they remain at home with aging parents.

It takes a great deal of time and commitment and courage to let go and find the right place so they can thrive and live a life we would all hope for and expect. It takes passionate and professional organisations to care for our children the way we’d like them to be cared for.

Will has inspired so many people around this country to lean into disability and to be more inclusive in their thinking and programs. In his new community and home we hope he will be loved as much as he was here and finds his way to a life he wants.

To know Will is an absolute privilege. He is a beautiful human being.

Inclusion is all that matters and to treat all people with respect and care.

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This beautiful young man received the Principals Award today at Robertson Primary School.

The award was inspired by our Will and it is to acknowledge the student who displays kindness, care and inclusion to all their classmates and teachers. This student was applauded by the whole school and we feel, it is the greatest achievement.

Congratulations Jackson and your family 💚 @charlnault

The team at Willo have taken a well needed break for the past few months. However, behind the scenes we have some incredible projects ready for the end of the year and new #2023

Returning to our @australianmensshedassociation collaboration, the @heyfieldbatsforwill plans for their Inclusive Heyfield and this Christmas fundraiser with @ballara.retreat and @thebeachfarmonyorkes

If your in and around the Southern Yorke Peninsula SA we’d love you to visit the markets in @warooka

#australiabatsforwill #iknowwill

This amazing cricket bat by @benquilty has reached his final home. A portrait of our good friend and cricket legend Steve Waugh delivered by Will.

Thanks to Jen and Will at @the_robertson_pie_shop

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