Where There’s A Will

We are also known as Willo and we have a clear purpose.  To inspire  authentic connections for all people who live with intellectual challenges to their community. 

People with intellectual challenges, or more commonly known now as neurodiversity, constitute a group at very high risk of exclusion at a community level. They are often denied opportunities to fully participate in the activities of their communities because they are seen as not able: they are seen as disabled.

Willo inspires communities to lean into disability and turn fear and ignorance into acceptance and understanding. We use a very unique and successful process of inspiring artists and community members to paint cricket bats that have been refurbished by people living with intellectual challenges. 

These communities are united through cricket and art, realised through cricket bat art exhibitions. The exhibitions create an opportunity to connect which has the potential to change individual behaviours and perceptions of inclusion at all levels in the community. 100% of funds raised from the exhibitions create community owned, community driven and community managed services, places and programs for “all abilities” in the community. 

Willo communities work towards our purpose of building sustainable relationships and forging lasting change in the way all people are seen, accepted and included.

Importantly to stop the belief it is ok to isolate and exclude people in communities that are deemed different and lacking in ability. Willo believes that if we can change the behaviour of individuals then we can change the behaviour of communities. 

Where There’s a Will … there is always a way.

Ange Clarke CEO & Founder

Our Patrons

We have had the pleasure of meeting Will and the team.

Will’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious and what Where There’s a Will has accomplished is highly impressive. From a simple idea – teaching Will skills through refurbished cricket bats – to a growing community across Australia, Where There’s a Will is having a big impact.

They are creating awareness about the ability in disability and encouraging communities to come together to integrate and support those with a disability. It is an uplifting and inspiring journey and Linda and I are delighted to be part of it.

We look forward to supporting the team as joint Patrons and encourage all Australians to join us”.

The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia is His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) and Her Excellency, Mrs Hurley.


A Current Affair
“The Last Over” 5th December 2021

Paive io
“People Inspiring People” October 2019

How to be a Willo Artist

Creating a piece of artwork on a cricket bat is open to anyone who would like to work with Willo. There are no rules or restrictions and the bat will be supplied by Willo ready to paint.

You don’t need to be an artist… you simply need to want to be involved and have an interest in making a difference.

You may know someone who would love to paint, either way let us know and we will send you a bat meticulously refurbished by our team throughout Australia.

Please contact us to register your interest.

How to be a Willo Community

Willo is now working across Australia to unite communities and raise more awareness around intellectual disabilities and inclusion.

The Willo Community is a collection of artists within a community who want to support the cause. Each artist is given a bat refurbished by Willo and his team. They have the option to paint or create some artwork and the bat is put into an Exhibition conducted in the community.

There is an organiser who we liaise with and they are the contact point to communicate and help organise the exhibition. If you would like to be a Willo Community please contact us.

How to send us your bats

We source the second hand bats from schools, cricket clubs, privately and through communities.

We have a drop off station at the International Cricket Hall of Fame in Bowral, and bats can also be picked up anywhere throughout Australia.

Any old bats will be welcomed and bats that have been left in sheds and unused or potentially to be thrown out will be recycled and given a beautiful new purpose and home.

If you would like to send us a bat directly please contact us.

The Last Over

Due to the overwhelming response from cricket clubs throughout Australia to the A Current Affair story in January 2021, Willo will be encouraging clubs to adopt The Last Over.  The concept of the Last Over began in 2013 with Will playing cricket in a way that suited his abilities and opened the way to a lifelong love and participation of the game.

An additional over was added to the end of the game every Saturday in the cricket season and both teams and spectators came onto the field to play together with Will. He bowled or batted and participated in a way that suited his abilities which were accepted, understood and celebrated by the club and players. It opened the minds of the players about their perception of intellectual disability which inevitably, changed their behaviour towards Will.

The Last Over is an opportunity for every cricket club throughout Australia to include players who would not get to play consistently during the annual cricket season. It is a starting point for inclusion and importantly, for relationships to form. The Last Over offers a platform for connection and mateship.

With more than 3,778 cricket clubs across Australia, The Last Over would seamlessly offer a very simple and accessible pathway for inclusion and connection.  If every club in Australia found just one Will Clarke in their community, there would be 3,778 more Australians living with intellectual disabilities participating and playing regularly and feeling connected, feel a sense of belonging and ultimately find a place of authentic inclusion.

It would also offer approximately 450,000 players across Australia a way to build a relationship with all the Wills in their community.



A Man of Influence

A Man of Influence

On the 18th January 2021 Will was listed in the 20 Most...



When our story went to air on the 5th December this year...


Don’t tell us it’s impossible to be inclusive.

Inclusive behaviour should be woven into the fabric of Australian life. Every single person has the right to participate to the best of their abilities and we should be removing every stumbling block that affects this outcome.

It is, and has been easy, to make assumptions about a person based on their disabilities. Because many do not have a voice to express their needs or dreams, we automatically assume, they don’t have any.

It’s simply not true. How about we presume they want exactly what we all want. Communities are for everyone and every one of us has a role to play in working towards inclusion.

This is what we can do:
💚 Use thoughtful language
💚 Avoid assumptions and stereotypes
💚 Ask questions and open up to learning
💚 Be aware of your own privileges
💚 Stay open and curious and remove fear

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Andrea Healy supporting @bunburybatsforwill

Thank you Andrea. You join a growing collective of artists from around Australia and the world using your art and our cricket bats to bring attention to inclusion for people who are consistently excluded and isolated from their community life.

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Our beautiful inspiration.. Will

We are taught and it’s consistently written, that people who live with Autism, have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling. They have trouble interpreting facial expressions, body language, or social cues. They have difficulty regulating emotion and trouble keeping up a conversation. And
inflection, that does not reflect feelings.

But … what we don’t hear enough about is that people living with Autism rarely lie. They live in the moment and rarely judge others. They are passionate and they are not tied to social expectations.They have terrific memories.They are less materialistic. They play fewer head games.

And we call that a disability !!

It is a privilege to know and to have a friendship with Will and every Will in every community. It’s up to us to learn and get comfortable and lean into this authenticity and honesty. Then include !

Willo 💚 Just be INCLUSIVE

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This is how so many adult people who live with intellectual disabilities feel daily.

Take time to think about how fortunate you are to be able to make choices for yourself in times like this. They may be hard choices but you have the capacity to make them without relying on a carer or a system.

We have an opportunity every day to see someone and connect with someone who needs to be and feel included.

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